Very excited to announce that my Young Adult science fiction novel, FACSIMILE — and its sequel — will be published by Month9Books.

Here’s the Publisher’s Marketplace announcement:


Children’s: Young Adult CROWN OF ICE author Vicki Weavil’s FACSIMILE, in which a girl from a forgotten planet must choose between a long-held dream of going to Earth and the species that might die if she does, to Georgia McBride at Month9Books, in a two-book deal, for publication in 2016, by Jennifer Mishler of The Literary Counsel (World).
Posted: September 22, 2014 at 8:51 p.m. Eastern


For more information on FACSIMILE, please check the book’s page on this website:



Why I Write — Reason 1

Someone introduced me to this video today.  Please listen and enjoy:

Okay, now… I can tell you a secret.  This video  highlights one reason why I write.

Because one day, somehow, I hope to create something that is one-tenth that beautiful. Something that will touch one other person’s heart the way this music touches mine.

Something that proves there is good, there is love, there is something more than we can ever imagine.

It might even be something that shows an ugly truth, but in a way that opens eyes and hearts.

It might be something that comforts, or something that challenges.

It might be one sentence, one poem, or one book.

I hope I can do it.

Because I believe when humans create music, or paintings, or books — or any other form of art — that reveal the beauty of the world, or the truth of life, or simply connect us to that indefinable “something” that is greater than ourselves…

.. .we can almost imagine what heaven might be. Not harps and clouds and all those “earthbound” images, but something more.

Maybe, just maybe, a connection that brings us together, that unites us with the natural world, that lets us know, once and for all —

We each matter. We are all part of something greater than ourselves — essential threads in an infinite tapestry hidden from our mortal eyes.

Individually, we are tiny specks in the universe — little sparks that flame out and vanish.

But we are also stars , and when we share our light, whatever light we’ve been given —

We are not alone.


Many people have the image of authors as these solitary beings, scribbling away in some garret. (Or office, or living room, or…)

Anyway, the concept was that authors wrote books and then — voila!

The published book appeared.

I know I used to think this.  But it is so wrong.

It really takes a lot of people to make a book happen. Whether it is traditionally published or self-published, there are usually more people involved than just the author.

There’s the author’s family and friends, who have to put up with the obsession to write, the locking oneself away in a room, the non-stop worrying and agonizing over every little thing.(Thanks to my husband, Kevin, my son, Thomas, and the rest of my family and friends for understanding. Special thanks to Kevin for also being my biggest fan. Thanks to Rebecca Brown for listening to my endless conversations about writing and publishing).

There are the beta readers and critique partners who help to whip that manuscript into shape. (Thank you, Revo Boulanger, Lindsey Duga, Steve Katzen, and Richard Pearson).

There are the other writers who help and support the author’s journey. (Thank you Agent Query Connect friends, Judith Hillman Paterson, and Adina Gewirtz).  

There are friends who are readers and lovers of books. (Thank you, Third Friday Bookclub).

There are people who give you a gift. (Thank you for the title suggestion, Joey Francisco. You left this world too soon, but I will always remember you).

Thanks to editors who help to make the book the best it can be, designers who create beautiful book jackets, and publishers who believe in it enough to send it out into the world. (This is thanks to you, Lindsay Leggett, as well as publisher Georgia McBride and the entire team at Month9Books).

Thanks to agents who help to support and promote their authors’ works. (This means you, Jennifer Mishler at Literary Counsel).

Thanks to all the authors who have come before me, and taught me everything I know about literature and writing. (Especially the creator of the original story of “The Snow Queen”, Hans Christian Andersen.)

And last — but certainly NOT least — the readers.  Because without readers, books are only marks on paper or images on a screen.  Thank you, readers!


It’s CROWN OF ICE Release Day!

  • Today is the day — the official publication day for CROWN OF ICE!

Really, all I can say is —

celebration timeBecause it’s my debut novel’s book birthday!

Book Birthday

And inside my head and heart it’s all —

Blue Fireworks in Finland -- by Neurovelho. (Creative Commons Copyright lic.)
Blue Fireworks in Finland — by Neurovelho.
(Creative Commons Copyright lic.)

Thanks to everyone who has supported me in this journey!

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Thanks to all the bloggers participating in this blog tour!


Well, it’s day 3 before CROWN OF ICE is published! Today I am combining the last two letters of the alphabet — Y is for Yearning and Z is for Zest.

I believe that we all yearn for things — the things that matter the most to each of us. For my characters in CROWN OF ICE, the things that matter vary, but the yearning is universal.


For Thyra and Kai, one thing deeply desired is education — they both want to learn as much as they can about math, science, and other subjects. This is not just wanting an education to say they have one. Both are entranced by discovery and new experiences, and their mutual love of learning is one of the things that draws them together.




Which brings us to Z for Zest — the zest for life, for learning, for attempting to reach a goal, is also something that Thyra and Kai share. But so does Gerda — her zest for, and capacity for, love are a crucial aspect of the story. Gerda2



Another character with a great zest for life is the wolf, Luki. He brings his unconditional love and devotion — and his energy and enthusiasm  — into Thyra’s cold palace and changes it, and her, forever.



Okay, it’s day 4 of the CROWN OF ICE publication day countdown, and I’m faced with the letter X.

smiley_emoticon_scared_stickerX? What do I do with X?




Well, there is the word XYLOID, which means — “of or like wood; woody”

Stretching this concept EVER so much to make it fit, there IS a scene in CROWN OF ICE that includes a wealthy family who are basically lumber barons — the Strykers.

When Thyra hopes to circumvent Gerda’s attempt to locate Kai, she tracks the girl to the Stryker family estate. Clara Stryker has befriended Gerda, who turned up at their doorstep, exhausted from her journey to find Kai.

Bregentved Manor House, Denmark -- photo by Flemming (Creative Commons Lic.)
Bregentved Manor House, Denmark — photo by Flemming (Creative Commons Lic.)

Thyra arrives just as a ball, given by the Stryker family, commences.  It’s a scene that allows Thyra to interact with Gerda, and also the sorceress Sephia.

This was a fun scene to write, because it brought in magical rivalry, fancy dresses, music, and dancing!

(in public domain)
(in public domain)



CROWN OF ICE Countdown — Day 5: W is for Winter

It’s day 5 before CROWN OF ICE releases, and today, W is for Winter.

Mountains in the snow. (Public domain)
Mountains in the snow. (Public domain)

An obvious choice, I suppose, considering the subject matter of the book.

But the thing I want to mention about winter is … in most places, it is one of 4 seasons. Of course, some regions have very long winters, but except for a few areas near the Artic or Antarctic Circles, there usually is some type of seasonal change. (Even at the North and South poles, temperatures vary based on seasons).

In CROWN OF ICE, my protagonist, Thyra Winther, fears the coming of spring because it heralds Shattered mirrorthe end of her chance to reassemble an enchanted mirror and the end of her opportunity to reign forever as the Snow Queen. Although she instinctively longs for grass and flowers and other green things, Thyra knows that her only hope of keeping her mind and body intact is to survive as the Snow Queen — which means giving up every season but winter.

But spring invades her icy world, in the guise of a sorceress who has power over green and growing things, and in the breath of life that Kai and Gerda bring into her frozen palace. As Bae, the enchanted reindeer, tells her —

“The thaw will come, Snow Queen,” Bae says, backing away from the door. “And neither you nor your Master Voss can prevent its arrival.”

Thyra refutes this assertion, determined to survive by any means necessary.

But, it is true that spring follows winter, just as day follows night.

Two Crocus in Snow --orig. photo by Thomas Wolf (Creative Commons Copyright Lic.)
Two Crocus in Snow –orig. photo by Thomas Wolf (Creative Commons Copyright Lic.)

And after the frost — flowers.




CROWN OF ICE COUNTDOWN — Day 6: U is for Uncommon and V is for Valor

Today is day 6 — yes, six days before CROWN OF ICE’s release! I’m focusing on two letters today: U is for Uncommon and V is for Valor.

I’m combining these two words because they describe the actions of several characters in CROWN OF ICE:

Gerda6Gerda — Who sets off to rescue a friend armed with little more than faith, love, and determination.



Kai — Who’s willing to brave the dangers of the Snow Queen’s kingdom in order to save his father (and later, Gerda and even Thyra).Kai





Bae5Bae, the reindeer — Whose loyalty to Gerda drives him to fly into deadly storms to protect her.


Luki, the wolf  — who is willing to do anything, even give his life, to protect his mistress.cropped-800px-WolfRunningInSnow.jpg



Thyra face 2

And Thyra, the Snow Queen — whose fight for her own survival slams up against her growing awareness of the need to protect others.






CROWN OF ICE COUNTDOWN — Day 9: T is for Thyra

Day 9 of the CROWN OF ICE publication countdown brings us to — T is for Thyra.

Thyra Winther is the protagonist of CROWN OF ICE. She’s brilliant, tough, and, above all, a survivor.

She’s also a deeply damaged individual who hasn’t known love since her parents died when she was a young child.

Young Thyra
Young Thyra

Thyra was a sensitive child, but years of isolation and mistreatment at the hands of a scheming foster mother and an ambitious wizard have forced her to freeze her heart and dull her emotional responses.  She is unusually adept at mathematics — a talent that has aided her attempt to reconstruct a shattered enchanted mirror. Her logical mind and practical approach to problems have been her salvation in a bleak, inhospitable, world.



She does not seek out opportunities to do harm, but will not hesitate to use her power over snow and ice to protect herself or her interests.

Her greatest dream is to be able to learn as much as possible about math and other matters, and she envies Kai Thorsen’s opportunity to attend university.  She would dearly love to travel the world, but is forced to remain within the bounds of her snowy kingdom — unless the wizard Mael Voss sends her on specific missions.

Thyra is trapped by her role as the Snow Queen, yet the alternative — to become a mindless,

Thyra, age 17
Thyra, age 17

bodiless, wraith — is so horrible that she fights any obstacle that will prevent her from achieving her goal. Facing the loss of the few things she values — her mind and her ability to learn — she is willing to do anything to reassemble the mirror and remain Snow Queen forever.




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